Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dress updates...

Hey folks, I've been very bad at noting my creations lately...but I'll try and rectify that. i've got a few things to show you, but I'll start with the one that I wore today - I made it some time ago. It's a jersey material and as it turns out - it's an ideal length and material for cycling. It's breathable so doesn't make me too sweaty; and a good length so i don't flash my knickers at passing motorists.
So there we have in a field in my new dress (with cardigan nonchalantly slung over my shoulder)
And yes, my hair is growing...(patience..keep those scissors away..)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Remember me...

It's been a little while again. Several reasons,  1) I've not been doing a huge amount of sewing or knitting. 2) The bits that I have been doing, I accientally deleted all my photo's off (including my amazing Istanbul trip - gutted and 3) I've been a bit of a traitor and started posting some things on facebook - what am I thinking!

So I'm going to try and re-start this blog lark and get back to it. 
So - a little sneaky peak of my recent work.

1) My lovely Malmo cat on her enourmous marimekko cushion

The other of me in a pink version of the rasperry sweater from ravelry. Please forgive the hair I'm going through a "growing out phase" hence the slightly pained look. The jumper I'm pleased with though.
Really, she's a normal sized cat.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Been away for a while.....

Hi, I've not posted for some time. I've had a spell of either not being overly creative; making things for others or just plain lazy.

But I've produced a few things that I'm super proud here we go...

This is my new kitchen blind. We bought the fabric from skandium sale shop a few years ago and have been thinking what to use it for. It's Marimekko and just seemed too fabulous to cut up. It's got a panda in bowler hat and braces!
The structure of the blind came courtesy of this website tutorial (jenduncan). The fabric needs to settle down a bit when in the folded position but so far it's working really well.

So knitted stuff. My nephew came over to visit - he's 9 months and I'd not met him before so guessed the size for this really sweet looking cardigan. It's available on Ravelry.
Sheep Yoke baby cardigan by Jennifer Little
It was a fairly quick knit, and used wool I already had. Unfortunately i didn't get to see him in the cardigan. Maybe I can persuade my sis to take a photo. I now want to make one for myself.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was knitting a red, plain jumper with some lovely wool. Well, here it is. 

 And finally the newest addition to our household. Some funky cat toys have been made for this little madam. She's called Malmo. (Excuse the shaved patch...she's had some work done).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun of making your clothes

The great part of being able to knit and work with wool is that option of recreating something. This wool - found for about £4 in a charity shop has been reincarnated in several forms.
The beginning was a Rowan pattern with weird angled sleeves. It was an interesting construction but looked a bit boxy on me (a regular difficulty with Rowan designs for me).

So i re-arranged the sleeves; changed the neckline but it still wasn't working for me. And so it was frogged. And out of the wool created two garments:
I made a cardigan
and this lovely sweater (as per the picture above. I really love the design an the i just need the weather to warm up so i can wear it.

I've made a new red jumper from fresh wool.....and now am frogging this blue monster

- again a lovely design by Rowan but just too big and boxy (maybe i need to start measuring myself and checking my gauge.....hmmmm naaaaa).
Please no-one talk me out of it cos it's already done......i wonder what it will become...