Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Remember me...

It's been a little while again. Several reasons,  1) I've not been doing a huge amount of sewing or knitting. 2) The bits that I have been doing, I accientally deleted all my photo's off (including my amazing Istanbul trip - gutted and 3) I've been a bit of a traitor and started posting some things on facebook - what am I thinking!

So I'm going to try and re-start this blog lark and get back to it. 
So - a little sneaky peak of my recent work.

1) My lovely Malmo cat on her enourmous marimekko cushion

The other of me in a pink version of the rasperry sweater from ravelry. Please forgive the hair I'm going through a "growing out phase" hence the slightly pained look. The jumper I'm pleased with though.
Really, she's a normal sized cat.