Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May's Project (with a bit of March thrown in)

I'm catching up slowly with the newly made item per month. I know i still have yet to post for March..
so here it is - not the best photo - bad hair and I'm not sure about the styling but if i don't post it now it'll be 2012. The pattern is rowan hepburn made with 4 ply wool (which was free with my rowan subscription). So it's a free jumper!

And here is May's
I worked really hard to finish it in time for stockholm. Its called "plain and simple" by Veera Valimaki. It's a simple t-shirt shape with buttons on one sleeve and collar. I didn't do the massive collar it suggested - purely because i started to run out of wool - but i love the finish. Also the wool i inherited from my Grandmother; so in effect it's a free jumper too!

The excitement over free things is going to become a resounding feature over the next year. We're in the process of trying to buy our first house...which means absolutely no spare cash for material/wool so it'll force me to dive into my stash and be creative.
My stash did get a little boost the other day. I was proudly telling Ben how good i had been about going into the local sewing shop (darn it and stitch) and seeing some wonderful pink/orange wool plaid material; how i had resisted temptation and walked away without buying any.
The following week he presented me with a bag full of presents (just because...) and among them was 3 meters of said material! I'm a lucky girl....guess what's going to be in June's post!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stockholm - Running

So after all my carping about being sick and tired of running - I'm so glad that we did all the training - it made such a difference!
We not only completed the Marathon but we managed to knock 43 minutes of our previous time coming in at 3hrs and 59 seconds (the secret goal was to try to run it under 4 hours but we weren't sure we could so we didn't really tell anyone! he he).

I'm so proud of myself and Ben - i certainly couldn't have done it without him! Yay us!

Loved stockholm by the way....if only we could afford to live there (£10 for a glass of wine...really!) We managed to treat ourselves to coffee and cake though.