Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yippee!! Marathon completed and new top

Well, I'm rather proud and smug to say that I, Phill Sharpe, completed my first ever marathon! : ) i know some of you might think i'm a bit sick for saying it, but i thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing...when's the next one; or more importantly where?

Ben and I had a fantastic time in Berlin - it's a great city. We got to re-visit some of our favourites from last time (the Bauhaus archive and the Daimler Art space), and discover some new places too.

I managed to sneak in a quick sewing project just before we left for Berlin. It's an adapted version of a Wendy Simplicity top. I chose not to insert elastic but use ribbons instead for the shoulders only. I then cut out circles from two different black materials and attached them. I was really pleased with how it came out - not sure if the detail comes through.

Now it's all hands on deck for the Lady Grey pattern which finally arrived yesterday!