Wednesday, October 21, 2009

speedy speedy...almost

Went running at the weekend with a mission to do 5 miles in a reasonable time...and we did 43 minutes - way better than our 58 minutes that we did the previous week. yay!....and then we were knackered for the rest of the day. But we did do some wandering around the costwolds which was quite lovely and i had my first experience of Lardy Cake - Ben and I hardly dented it and i had to take it to work for the hyenas to finish it off - it was yummy but just too much.

I managed to finish my cape too; and Ben''s laptop cosy - as always pictures to follow - this time you get to see glimpses of our trip to Budapest and Vienna.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

typepad comments awol

I'm testing this out cos when i did some tweaking my comments box disappeared on my posts and so I'm hoping that this post it will me shallow and approval seeking but i like it when people comment but if i don't even give people the option...

Happy birthday to me...

Yay it's my birthday...and as i had to remind myself i've just turned 32 (kept thinking i was 33 for some reason).
We've just returned from a week wandering around Budapest, eating stodgy, rich, yummy food and a couple of days in Vienna where we took part in our first race....a 5k night race. It was really cool to be part of it 15,000 people (mostly austrian) running around the beautiful city of vienna at night, we made our target time of under 30mins (all you serious runners out there you know how slow that is), we got a free goody bag and t-shirt. Whilst in Budapest we also took advantage of Margaret Island which is a virtually car free island of park and a nice spongy running track; we threw our running regime out of the window a bit and ran for 10miles and then went for curry : )

So i had a lovely time, and now today is my birthday Ben created the fantastic board game "The Game of Phill" where i won prizes including a trip to London to see Les Mis, and he's taking me to see "The September Issue" at our local cinema and then out for Italian at Luna Caprese.....I'm supremely spoiled