Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun of making your clothes

The great part of being able to knit and work with wool is that option of recreating something. This wool - found for about £4 in a charity shop has been reincarnated in several forms.
The beginning was a Rowan pattern with weird angled sleeves. It was an interesting construction but looked a bit boxy on me (a regular difficulty with Rowan designs for me).

So i re-arranged the sleeves; changed the neckline but it still wasn't working for me. And so it was frogged. And out of the wool created two garments:
I made a cardigan
and this lovely sweater (as per the picture above. I really love the design an the i just need the weather to warm up so i can wear it.

I've made a new red jumper from fresh wool.....and now am frogging this blue monster

- again a lovely design by Rowan but just too big and boxy (maybe i need to start measuring myself and checking my gauge.....hmmmm naaaaa).
Please no-one talk me out of it cos it's already done......i wonder what it will become...