Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of year round up...almost

I know, as my friend reminded me - I haven't blogged since October. Of course it being the beginning of a new year I have resolved to blog more frequently - once a week. Plus learn french, run a marathon (already entered in Berlin), stop buying clothes and other junky stuff that i don't need, and of course sewing and knitting. Speaking of which I have been doing some, and i know i still need to up-date the laptop case and the cape pictures, but i present Ben's Jumper and other random christmas gifts (lavendar bags, pin cushion and hand warmers)

So we had a great run up to christmas with some fun days in London - we saw lots of exhibitions at the V and A, and weird one of outsider art at Hampstead and i got to see Rufus Wainwright and family and other random guests at the Albert Hall - a bit weird but a lot of fun - it was like some strange family christmas that you had just walked in on.

And Christmas itself was wonderful (ignoring the odd cold, infection, suffered by some hosts and guests) it was really good fun, lots of games, good food (that even a powercut had a hard time spoiling) and wonderful presents.
The best yet - and I feel that this should really have it's own post because it's so great, is the amazing sewing box that Ben painted for me. You see I'd seen one for sale in a design shop with a price tag of £250. I coveted it but am too poor to blow that kind of cash on a sewing box. So Ben worked really hard, as a surprise painting this one for me...and I love it - it's better than the one i saw in the shop.

So thank you Ben.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and I'll be back blogging very soon if resolutions are to be believed