Sunday, July 10, 2011

july breton top

I loved the outcome and wearability of my black jumper that I decided to make another one, but this time inspired by the water/boating life of Stockholm. Its another stash a free jumper with wool donated from my grandma and some left over rowan freebie wool.
I like it... now what'll be next; and will I ever post the pictures of my sewing...
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Monday, July 4, 2011

June skirt

Inspired by one of the free patterns on grosgrains website, here is my new paperbag skirt. Ben doesn't love it; says its too bulky and heavy...I have to agree but thats kinda why I like it. Sorry for the self-portrait..will have to get better at those.
 More projects to follow including deconstructed macaron dress; and a penciltastic skirt.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May's Project (with a bit of March thrown in)

I'm catching up slowly with the newly made item per month. I know i still have yet to post for March..
so here it is - not the best photo - bad hair and I'm not sure about the styling but if i don't post it now it'll be 2012. The pattern is rowan hepburn made with 4 ply wool (which was free with my rowan subscription). So it's a free jumper!

And here is May's
I worked really hard to finish it in time for stockholm. Its called "plain and simple" by Veera Valimaki. It's a simple t-shirt shape with buttons on one sleeve and collar. I didn't do the massive collar it suggested - purely because i started to run out of wool - but i love the finish. Also the wool i inherited from my Grandmother; so in effect it's a free jumper too!

The excitement over free things is going to become a resounding feature over the next year. We're in the process of trying to buy our first house...which means absolutely no spare cash for material/wool so it'll force me to dive into my stash and be creative.
My stash did get a little boost the other day. I was proudly telling Ben how good i had been about going into the local sewing shop (darn it and stitch) and seeing some wonderful pink/orange wool plaid material; how i had resisted temptation and walked away without buying any.
The following week he presented me with a bag full of presents (just because...) and among them was 3 meters of said material! I'm a lucky girl....guess what's going to be in June's post!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stockholm - Running

So after all my carping about being sick and tired of running - I'm so glad that we did all the training - it made such a difference!
We not only completed the Marathon but we managed to knock 43 minutes of our previous time coming in at 3hrs and 59 seconds (the secret goal was to try to run it under 4 hours but we weren't sure we could so we didn't really tell anyone! he he).

I'm so proud of myself and Ben - i certainly couldn't have done it without him! Yay us!

Loved stockholm by the way....if only we could afford to live there (£10 for a glass of wine...really!) We managed to treat ourselves to coffee and cake though.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

running fatigue

So we are approaching the final countdown to the Stockholm marathon....3 weeks today. We have our longest run of 22 miles to do tomorrow. We've already run 26 miles this week, our legs hurt, our feet are tired, we are dreading tomorrow. .why do we do it? It is also our 9 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. So to help our cheer I baked biscuits - check out the bracelet that Ben got me as a pressie..I also got some really sweet swallow earrings from tatty devine. I'll post those later.
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aprils project

I know, i haven't posted march's project yet, but I thought i'd get last months out there before I get too behind. It's a simple little bag for my friends birthday....pity that I just found out her husband just bought her 6 new handbags!!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats and Jacques

It's been a funny old month for sure. Our lovely smokey cat went onto his next life - I'm certain he and Liz Taylor are now best buddies and he's getting caviar and venison as we speak : ) We miss you Mr smokey-cat.

So...we took a holiday to France

The very same street where
 Gene Kelly knelt down to pick up some paper! eek!
We had a Jacques Demy pilgrimage to Rochefort... it was great fun. If you haven't seen Desmoiselles de Rochefort you really should. It's a fun 60's musical riot of colour; frenchness and wonder.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's creation

I caved - my stash busting start to the year had a bit of a hiccup when I passed a shop with a marimekko fabric sale...£10 a meter....i couldn't stop myself..

So, I've made myself a Macaron dress from Colette Patterns using the purple fabric and some black twill cotton that I had left over ...see there is some stash busting going on

(Check out my new haircut too)

I really love the skirt on this pattern - the pleats and the pockets are yummy. The waist-band is a little tight on me, so not sure if it's a dress I'll be wearing out to dinner.

The running is going really well - we had a race last weekend - half marathon and we beat the 2hr mark (I ran 1hr, 56minutes and 47 seconds - phew!).

Knitting is going well but no completed item for February - but half way through this rowan sweater-vest (love that phrase).

March is a busy month - we're off on holiday to France, have another race and my sis and nephew are visiting. Not sure how much creating I'll be able to do..but hope to post some small bits.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year (Chinese) and Paper Dolls

Yes, I'm late with my new year's post so I'm saying Happy Chinese New Year to everyone instead.

2011 has been going well so far...resolutions and plans include:

Knit one thing a month
Sew one thing a month
Learn some French
Beat 4hr marathon
Beat 2hr 1/2 marathon
Buy a house

All very exciting stuff - the running has been good, but exhausting - in a bit to get better times we are running 5 times a week. We've only been following the schedule for 2 weeks now - that's 10 days of running and over 40 miles run already. bleurghh.

The sewing you've already seen with my phone posts - i love my new phone and the snapping and posting is so easy...but i'm afraid the results aren't that great...maybe in better lighting. I'll keep trying.

My big success so far this year is my paper dolls jumper - i'm delighted with the way it turned out..i love fair-isle knitting. It took me bloomin ages but it's done and I'm one happy camper.
Hope that eveyone else's January went well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

black skirt and new glasses

Its the same as the green one but slightly shorter and in black. It works great as a skirt to cycle in, I'm pretty chuffed with it. Oh and check out my new glasses. My friend pointed out to me that I haven't done my usual new years resolutions post....I have made some (of course) but will wait till I've got a good slice of time to write about them. So until then. ...
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

lady grey lining

Sorry, not the best picture but here is the lining.
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lady grey in black.

Finally finished and got around to taking pictures of my lady grey. I like it. It has a nice bright yellow lining and no buttons just a tie belt. So for 2011 maybe I'll take on the classic Mac.
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kermit skirt

Don't know why but really wanted a skirt this colour. Got the material a little while ago and found the perfect skirt pattern in Sept burdastyle. My first attempt at burda patterns. I love it. I'm gonna make one in black too
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