Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's creation

I caved - my stash busting start to the year had a bit of a hiccup when I passed a shop with a marimekko fabric sale...£10 a meter....i couldn't stop myself..

So, I've made myself a Macaron dress from Colette Patterns using the purple fabric and some black twill cotton that I had left over ...see there is some stash busting going on

(Check out my new haircut too)

I really love the skirt on this pattern - the pleats and the pockets are yummy. The waist-band is a little tight on me, so not sure if it's a dress I'll be wearing out to dinner.

The running is going really well - we had a race last weekend - half marathon and we beat the 2hr mark (I ran 1hr, 56minutes and 47 seconds - phew!).

Knitting is going well but no completed item for February - but half way through this rowan sweater-vest (love that phrase).

March is a busy month - we're off on holiday to France, have another race and my sis and nephew are visiting. Not sure how much creating I'll be able to do..but hope to post some small bits.


  1. Wow I LOVE your Macaron version, it's chic and very original! And yes I call your black twill use stash busting^^

  2. That fabric is incredible, and the clothes are even more so - you star!! xxx