Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats and Jacques

It's been a funny old month for sure. Our lovely smokey cat went onto his next life - I'm certain he and Liz Taylor are now best buddies and he's getting caviar and venison as we speak : ) We miss you Mr smokey-cat.

So...we took a holiday to France

The very same street where
 Gene Kelly knelt down to pick up some paper! eek!
We had a Jacques Demy pilgrimage to Rochefort... it was great fun. If you haven't seen Desmoiselles de Rochefort you really should. It's a fun 60's musical riot of colour; frenchness and wonder.


  1. Hey, I'm sorry you lost your Smokey :( Why cats can't live up to 60 is beyond me. And your trip to Rochefort is such a sweet idea, the town is lovely, especially in that nice weather!

  2. Hi Cecili; thanks for the message - slowly getting used to the house without the meows..: (
    We had fun Rochefort though - after traipsing the town to try and guess where scenes from the movie were set, we popped into the tourist information office and they had a leaflet about it! Couldn't believe our luck? So we traipsed the town all over again : )
    Hope all is well with you..

  3. Hello Phil, I gave you an award on my blog, xoxo