Saturday, July 3, 2010

Refashion Saturday

So me, and two friends Amy and Mel decided to scrounge around in our local charity shops and see if we could find inspiration and some re-fashioning opportunities.

And I had some great success.
 I found a great Margaret Howell dress at the bargin price of £4.99. However it wasn't quite right for me (please excuse the photo with my dress underneath - i couldn't be bothered to completely undress) - so with a quick snip off the length and some elastic into the arm cuffs voila! I'm really happy with it. And it's got lovely big pockets....and its Margaret Howell (who i only just discovered in last month's Vogue - Ageless style issue - She's a uk designer, and the dress is really nicely made and 100% cotton - yay!

My next great find was a Diesel skirt- for the slightly steeper price of £8.99 (ouch). The skirt was too big and a little weird with loops and straps that meant you could kind of hitch up parts of the skirt - (I think, i was a little confused by it).

Anyway, i little unpicking, some taking in and hey presto a new dress!

Oh..and I ran 20 miles in the morning - phew! What a day : )