Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year (Chinese) and Paper Dolls

Yes, I'm late with my new year's post so I'm saying Happy Chinese New Year to everyone instead.

2011 has been going well so far...resolutions and plans include:

Knit one thing a month
Sew one thing a month
Learn some French
Beat 4hr marathon
Beat 2hr 1/2 marathon
Buy a house

All very exciting stuff - the running has been good, but exhausting - in a bit to get better times we are running 5 times a week. We've only been following the schedule for 2 weeks now - that's 10 days of running and over 40 miles run already. bleurghh.

The sewing you've already seen with my phone posts - i love my new phone and the snapping and posting is so easy...but i'm afraid the results aren't that great...maybe in better lighting. I'll keep trying.

My big success so far this year is my paper dolls jumper - i'm delighted with the way it turned out..i love fair-isle knitting. It took me bloomin ages but it's done and I'm one happy camper.
Hope that eveyone else's January went well.


  1. That jumper is a total cutie, congratulations! Where did you find the pattern?

  2. Thanks Cecili; it's a pattern from ravelry called paperdolls. It's a really fun knit (and good for my stash busting of wool.