Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 List

At the beginning of the year Ben and i set out what we would like to achieve in 2007 - a slightly more positive and lax version of new year resolutions seeing as we have all year to achieve them.

So as we are 6 months into the year I thought I would re-assess to see whether i'm on track.

  • Do yoga twice a week - hmm just started this week, but plan to carry on.
  • Go street dancing - we've just got a dance mat - does that count, probably not but i can't seem to find any street dancing classes in oxford
  • Knit a jumper - yay! Done that one, twice!
  • Make two wearable items of clothing from scratch - so this doesn't include the jumpers and I was thinking more of a sewing type thing. Not done this yet but i've ordered some material
  • Stick to a budget and decrease debt - I'm trying! and I'm getting much better and being much stricter and watching what i spend and trying to account for every penny. I have high hopes for myself with keeping this one going.
  • Become a master - tick! Graduation on July 12th
  • Get a tattoo - being birthday number 30 i wanted to treat myself, but of course in accordance with the goal above i have to save up some money for it
  • Basic car maintenance - hmm kinda. I'm getting a bit more knowledgable but not quite there yet - if i needed to change a tyre could I? No. But i know where the oil goes now.
At least I've completed some of my tasks, and have plenty more to focus on for the rest of the year. The only one i want to add is to start running. I have it in my head that i want to complete a marathon in 2009 - so that gives me two years to get my fitness level up to the job. I've said it out loud now so I have to do something about it.

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