Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting to know my seam ripper

So the lovely Bento is away at the mo and i'm left to my own devices. I wandered off to headington in search of paints and other goodies to paint the chairs in the house. I stumbled across this circular tablecloth in the charity the spirit of re-fashioning i thought I would give it a go

After a lot of false starts and searching for patterns and spending far too much time with my seam ripper i've come up with the skirt/dress
My intention was that i'd create a lovely flowy circular skirt; then it was too long and i made a kaftan dress thing. that looked too much like an irish dancers costume but by that time i'd already cut it; so my longish skirt was created - perfect for work; and converted into a summer dress - perfect for weekends! Yay two for the price of one (or a pound each!)

I'm kinda pleased with the results. I hope they look ok and they get the bento approval. I must remember next time not to jump in feet first...if i take my time and do things right i should be able to break away from my dependency on the seam ripper

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