Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New things....see i'm not so lazy

OK so it's been a little while since i've written but I promise I haven't been lazy - I've been making stuff. This is the rowan pattern i've been trying to finish...it took a little while to complete, and before it was blocked it looked godawful but with a little bit of re-shaping i kinda like it. It still looks a little big but it's coming along. I do get quite a few comments asking whether it's hand knitted - i guess it just has that feel, it's certainly cosy. One of the cool things is that the wool used to be a blanket. Well I bought it, knitted it into a blanket and used it for a few weeks until it was decided that the wool was too moulty.....so it's been re-fashioned.
And this is the dress I've made - from a remnant piece of cotton found for £5 in a local shop. Ben reckons it's a maternity dress; i reckon it looks like a nightie...but i'm hoping pair it with some cowboy boots, maybe some chunky tights come winter and you've got yourself a fun winter dress. I wore it out a few weeks ago and it felt pretty good...maybe a bit too baggy though.
The re-fashioning thing is certainly keeping me out of the shops. I like it....maybe I'll increase my pledge next time.

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  1. I like your dress, it's what the concept of a one-piece: you should match it with tights + denim shorts or a flowery mini skirt that would peek under.