Sunday, August 22, 2010

i have been doing stuff...honest

I know it's been a while since I've posted. The green dress from the re-fashion I've been playing around with cos i wasn't quite sure...i took off the sleeves, reduced the width of the shoulders and re-attached, but didn't re-attach them quite right. So I'm still playing with it.

I've also made a really cute black blouse for work with a tie collar...will post photo's the next time I wear it.

Marathon training has been a bit hit and miss, there's been tears, limping, sore knees and more tears. I'm hoping great success will come with the next run.

Now you know how much i love my pashley - and i really really do, I've ridden her to work and meetings a couple of times this month and I adore her but...and there is a but...she's just a bit heavy for long weekend rides or putting on the back of the car to go further afield - I'm not sure totorro could take it!
So my lovely husband got me an early birthday present... a new speedy bike and oh my it's so much lighter and quicker and easier to ride than pashley. Now, I adore my pashley and do not panic out there, she will still be ridden and from my point of view she is a bike for selling for me..but for a quick dash up the hill to work, or a long ride with bento on a sunday I'm lucky to have a new alternative. And I plan on making my own version of the po campo this space

I have been doing sewing but just little bits - like a little bag, and our new coffee pot cosy for breakfast sundays...(improved with the re-discovered checked table cloth

I love these owls on the bag - I've had the material for a while and wasn't sure what to use it's become my new day to day bag. 
That's all for now...

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