Friday, March 30, 2012


I can't believe it's almost 9 months since my last post - ohhps indeed.
And before anyone get's excited the 9 months isn't significant; although lots of rather exciting things have been happening.
We bought our very own house together - which has been really exciting so my craft activities have involved making curtains; ripping down weird built in wardrobes and ripping up old musty carpet.

I'll try not to get too obsessed with the homemaking side of things but you'll have to forgive me if suddenly things start to bloom in the garden and i feature pictures - it's really cool to see what comes up next.

So there you have it - i'm back. Apologies for the silence and also the disappearance of pictures (I changed e-mail accounts and forgot that it was all linked so my piccies disappeared too!)

Will show you my "i didn't make it to Paris" cardigan; and my new black dress soon.

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