Saturday, August 29, 2009


We bought my new baby home today - the lovely pashley sonnet bliss - isn't it pretty!

I'm very excited but slightly worried about riding up the hill outside our house. Plus someone at work got their seat stolen the other day so I'm a little bit scared of the scallies of oxford taking a fancy to to begin with it might be a ride to work and back and save the cycling to work visits for another time.
oh and the reworked cape - here's a different picture - I like it much more now the collar has been removed and i've added an extra panel at the front - it's a bit wonky i know but i kinda like it


  1. Wow Phil! BUKU-jealous of the bike... and in lurve with the cape!

  2. Hi Phil! Just found you blog, it is great! I started one but it is a bit dead on the water now... might restart!

    Love your winter dress, I do need to get bacvk my sewing mojo back!