Friday, August 28, 2009

Run, Philly, Run

Yep, running is back on our agenda...i've even bought the slick black running leggings and a sports bra - and it must be doing something cos i managed to run 8.5km on Thursday - the 10k isn't so out of sight.

It's a bit of a commitment at 3 days a week, but i'm trying to stick to it and moving my social nights to a strict Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Half marathon is the goal by november - no race planned as yet but it's exciting.

On the sewing front i've re-worked my cape, and i'm quite pleased with it now - photo's to follow. I've also made the coolest little clutch bag which I'm a little bit in love with - I just need to get my camera out. The camera will definitely come out tomorrow for the arrival of my new Pashley bicycle. I'm so excited - oohh maybe I'll do a photo on the bike, wearing my cape and holding my clutch (not sure riding and carrying a clutch bag are compatible but I can just pop it in my basket). he he

In addition to all this i've visited the dentist (one of my new years resolutions for this year), and bought some new material for a new pair of trousers for bed, a thick woolen cape for me, and a plaid dress - i've signed up for the re-fashion wardrobe challenge for 2 months and I'm starting to panic.
Photo's to follow soon

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