Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dancing with Gene in a Shift Dress

Still of Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard in NineNo photos of my own this's been a case of more snow, and lots of movies. I went to see Nine with my friend Clare - I liked it, lots of fun, some impressive performances, and a really pretty actress Marion Cotillard plays the wife of the director...she wore a great shift dress which looked stunning (all of her clothes were great actually, and she makes me want to dye my hair and cut my fringe). Anyway her shift dress made me want to create a work wardrobe for myself of a similar shift dress style - all well and good if I'm an office worker but I'm not; I need to get in awkward positions and be dignified when i do it. So either cullotes (sp?) or trousers have to be the way forward. I have some thinking to do.'ve also watched a lot of Gene Kelly movies (I got a box set for Christmas). I find him to be a very charming performer, who dances with such ease and makes some good movies (not so sure about the 3 musketeeres, but Out on the Town and An American in Paris were rather good). I'm looking forward to watching the others. Comparisons with Fred are fruitless - different dancers and different styles - both great, and in my dreams i dance with both!
On the knitting front I made a hotwater bottle cover for my friend but forgot to photograph it (a bit of a rush job i'm afraid), and the cardigan is almost there - just a few more hours work so watch this space.
Oh and we also ran 8 miles today - go us!

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