Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let it snow

So this week has been a snow-filled adventure. I've had 3 days of working from home as i couldnt' get to work. We've taken some amazing walks with the snow looking so sparkly and beautiful - i made my first snow angel, and a snow bunny and met a pig!

I've also been doing a bit of knitting. I finished up a jumper that I've been working on on and off for the past few's one i'm not quite sure about a) the colour on me and b) the style - it doesn't particularly flatter the smaller chested among us...but does that matter? Thoughts are welcome. At the moment i'm thinking of using it as a yoga type top - it's made from stretchy synthetic stuff (check out ravelry for more details). I've also learnt that I'm either long in the body or too impatient to knit things the proper length - had to add the band around the bottom. (Also the sleeves are slightly different lengths - oohps).
         My current project is a beautiful mohair cardigan which is coming along really quickly. I'm learning my lesson from the previous project though and knitting both sleeves at the same time to ensure they match.

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