Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud I am!

Yay, we did it, we ran our first half marathon. Amazing. It was ok actually. And of course ever since we've been gorging on beer, cake, papad and biscuits because "we earned a treat".
Anyway i can't believe January is over already. I'm still working hard knitting my owl jumber and have been neglecting the sewing a little bit. Day off on Friday so maybe I'll do a little bit then.

The no shopping pledge is going well. I've just passed through the shopping court a new pair of running socks and a running bra.... not something i feel i can make. So it's to the shops for me.

Oh and I've discovered a French radio station on my car radio so i get to listen to a little bit of French everyday. I know it doesn't replace the learning but at least it helps keep my ear in (I'm sure I've greatly confused news stories about train station toilets and drug detection but at least i'm trying).

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