Tuesday, February 23, 2010

twit twoo

Well, as is the course of february, the resolutions have slipped, i've barely begun lent and i've already stuffed my face full of chocolate and biscuits> so apologies for the delayed post. I'll try and keep to my weekly schedule (and i really must do some french)
However, I'm pleased to say the owl jumper is finished and i love it. The colour didn't come out nearly as badly as i thought and actually in some of these photo's the colours and the hair perhaps give it a real 70's feel. The owls i think didn't turn out quite right, so they look like quite fat, really old wise owls - i kinda like it.
Next project is going to be a bamboo camisole i think...plus some more sewing at some point : )
I had a great weekend catching up with some old uni friends who i haven't seen for about  3 years. I like the fact that it didn't matter that we hadn't really been keeping in touch - we could just continue where we left off - some of them are quite different to the friends i have now, which was kind of refreshing - different conversations, different views - it was lots of fun so thank you vix for organising it.

oh and for ages i've been meaning to write about the places i want to visit....so far on the list:
Hong kong (again)
and see, i've forgotten so this is why i need to write them down...


  1. Beautiful jumper! I am amazed by knitters! And it's in a great color for you, too.

  2. YAY, Owls! I really want to knit this...

  3. Thanks Antoinette - i wasn't sure about the colour when i bought the wool (bargain though it was) but now i really like it!
    Isobel - you have to knit this - it's really easy (especially if you don't knit the wrong way round like i do and get your cables the wrong way round)