Monday, June 28, 2010


No knitting or sewing on this post - I've just had the most splendid holiday. It was relaxed, quiet, beautiful, serene oh and there was plenty of wine and good bread.
I'm very proud of my little car Totorro making it all the way to France and back without a mishap. Here is Totorro proudly sitting in a French town square, with Ben proudly showing off the redcurrant sparkling wine that is made in the region.

The beaches were beautiful - we kept up with our training and ran 16 miles along the coast (yes, on sand - ow my thighs). And we saw two seals that came onto the beach to cheer us along.

And my little holiday present - was a little cat milk jug - perfect for our new tradition of Sunday morning breakfasts at the table.
I even asked for it in French and had a little conversation with the shop owner (how proud).

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