Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wardrobe spring clean

I was a woman on a mission. I  managed to go through my entire wardrobe, colour code it, filter out the work from the play clothes, note those items that needed adjustment and I tried to be really strict with removing those items that either just didn't fit me; were no longer in keeping with my style (I know..what sniggering please), or i just didn't wear.
Some have been sold on e-bay, some are destined to be used in my quilt, and some may have potential re-fashion potential.
I rediscovered this dress that i made a couple of years ago....the fabric is really soft, it's really simple, falls to ankle length and i really like it (I know i have to tidy up the top a little now that my sewing skills have improved a little).

Oh and here is a pic of the nightie i made (please note, i had only just got out of bed when this pic was taken - but i had a good nights sleep so it does the job); i also made a dressing gown - albeit from a men's pattern in blue and white striped material - it's very 80's, lots of material and Ben said it looked like a stock brokers is not staying.

As part of the wardrobe clear out, i worked out what i needed, namely two more work tops as the first requirement. So i went to Masons in Abingdon, delved around and found the material for my first top. I also went to the V and A quilting exhibition and found these lovely buttons in the shop...perfect.

I'm also taking part in the  japanese pattern sew along being run by Cecili - I've taken a gamble and ordered material should arrive any day now. Pattern drafting later on may take me a while

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  1. Um, you have a Marimekko dress. That is amazing!!!! Love it.